Reimagine CO STORE

150$ Funded

Based in London Ontario Canada,

their project is to have zero waste related to food.

As an action the food that is about to reach shelves expiration is given to charity.

E-MINENT partially founded their project to open a new store.

Their e-shop is full of great products that can fill all your need.

By using the link bellow and creating an account you will get 8CAD as voucher, and our account will be credited the same value as points on the store. 

We will use those points for charity.


World food programme


The WFP is an organisation bellow the United nation, they are working around the globe to provide food to the one in need.

They are representing the Goal #2 No Hunger.

E-MINENT subscribed to a monthly payment allowing to provide food to three people per month.

You can help us to increase our monthly subscription by buying our products or directly subscribe on their website.


Green POD

Coffee Packing

75$ Invested

GreenPod is the FIRST in the United States to bring zero plastic, compostable coffee pod technology to specialty coffee roasters of all sizes.

Gary & Julie Kratzer are the kind people behind this great initiative.

They originally started by roasting coffee, so you can be sure that their pods are filled with high quality coffee.

E-minent decided to back up this project as it is helping to reduce food waste,

and we must admit, it's also because we love coffee.

Feeling in the mood for a good coffee,

visit their website greenpodcoffeepacking.com