Reimagine Co funding

The funding story bellow was made possible by all of you who buy our products on

Who: Reimagine Co

Where: London Ontario Canada

What: Zero waste store & workshop

Why: They were looking for support to open the zero packaging store, and this relates to our Stop Food Waste collection, as such it was clear when we read about this project that we wanted to contribute.

In their contribution terms they wanted to give back the amount of the donation as a voucher to use in the store. However even if at E-minent we like good organic food and eco-friendly product, it would not have been possible to visit the shop currently.

We got in touch with the Reimagine Co team and they agreed to use our voucher to help a local community project.

Great people, great eco-project, great collaboration.

If you want to learn more about their store(it’s also an e-shop) please use this link

This is a referral link which will increase E-minent account credit so we can work again with Reimagine Co to help local charities or their workshops.

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