Meet the founder: Antoine Bath

Antoine Bath e-minent founder photoshoot made in Brno
Antoine Bath e-minent founder

Hi, I’m Antoine!

I’m a sustainable e-commerce manager and I’ve been involved in helping others for over 15 years.

I believe that we can all have an impact to create a better world. Each action counts and makes us move towards this goal.

Over my experience as a volunteer firefighter, IT support technician and team leader, I met many people who were frustrated, sad, put down or even desperate. As humans it is difficult to see others in such despair. I am sure you know that feeling too, maybe you never experienced it face to face but felt compassion when watching in the news someone who lost everything to a fire.

The beauty of our society is when there is hardship the best part comes out of people. Amazing collaboration allows projects to be put in place in the shortest amount of time.

I love to be part of those adventures, find a solution, look for the resources, and implement.

I feel at peace after doing a good action, that is why I created, I wanted to create a company that collaborates with others to find solutions, provide resources, and follow the implementation.