Insatiable passion

-Name: Helena Bester

-Headline: Strong passion about writing.

-Collection: Stop Food Waste

Hi there,

Today I will write about Helena and how she collaborated with us for the first time on the “Stop Food Waste” collection. I’m far from having her skills, however I hope I will be able to translate to word the great experience to have her part of the project.

Helena was contacted to write this article about stopping food waste.

The subject directly spoke to her and she started her research.

During the next few days she went through a huge amount of data to increase her knowledge about food wasting, really professional in her research numbers were cross checked and referenced.

With the huge pile of information collected, Helena could start to write with passion.

In the meantime at E-MINENT we were really curious to see the outcome,

Helena’s samples were promising and increased our eagerness to read her article.

Few more days passed until I received the message from Helena that the article is ready for review.

No need to mention that we opened the file directly and read it easily in one go. The text is well written, the amount of information is generous and structured.

I don’t want to spoil it by telling too much about it, all I will say is that it is the perfect article to understand why, where, when and what to do to reduce food wasting.

This article allows you to get more knowledge about the problem and then you will be able to share the information to the people around you.

Feeling curious about this beautiful article? You can read it here.

Did you read the article? Awesome isn’t it?

We thought the same, and the collaboration on it went well, also when Helena proposed to do more for the project we said yes sure you are welcome.

This sparked even more creative content, if you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you may have read the stories made by Helena for each of the Stop Food Waste designs.

And Helena didn’t stop there if you go to our Stop Food Waste Collection, each product description was passionately written by her.

As you can see Helena was a big contributor on this collection, this story is to recognize the work accomplished and say thank you to her.

Want to collaborate with Helena?

Here are more information about her:


Bachelors Of Business Administration

Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Graduated 1998


Article Writing

Social Media Marketing

Blog Writing

Product Description

If you would like to contact her, please visit: