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-Name: Bojan Savikj

-Headline: Product Descriptions

-Collection: Save Water


Have you noticed the description of the products available in our collection?

I thought it would be too boring to have only a short description like “T-Shirt with this design on it” or “Amazing comfortable t-shirt with awesome design”.

Does it sound right to you? I bet no.

I decided to give it a shot, how hard can it be?

Only need to write a few lines for each design, right?

Well, didn’t go that well, took me hours to read about how to write a product description, and even more hours to come up with one product description that wasn’t good at all.

Realizing that I’m not the best at it, and that with my writing speed it would take at least two months to have a description for the Save Water Collection, I understood that

I will need some help.

That’s how Bojan, with his 10 years of experience in the domain,

has been involved.

This is what he said about the amazing work he did:

“When I wrote the descriptions, I wanted to make it clear what the t-shirts mean and that the potential buyer will become part of e-minent’s mission to make the world a better place through creativity and art.”

I say a big thank you to him, now your visit in our collections is enhanced by Bojan skills.


B.A. - Marketing

St Kiril i metodij, Macedonia

Graduated 2009


Copywriting Secrets

Len Smith and Sean Kaye

Udemy 2018


Product descriptions, Business Writing, Copywriting, Creative writing.

You can contact him on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/bojansavikj